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  • Le 28/06/2015
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life sometimes seems so cruel, unjust, oppressive .. and  when some events destroy the ego, they put you face yourself, requiring you to test your own foundations. These events prompt you to review your beliefs on the man that you represent, that  man you thought you 've been, that man you thought you ruled, this happens,only remains your own resources, there is no longer anything which may come to distract you in this storm that life had put you through, it's walking on your mind, streching him under constant tension, while it's asking you to free yourself from your suffering causes..the experience of pain, it is physical, it reaches the body through this unpleasant sensation that gives you the images and illusions of a hypothetical and uncertain future, or flash back to a heavy past and weighing disturbing circumstances. When your own mind finds a bit of respite and comfort in a quiet peace, time lengthens, the quietude is a victory, and you fly to your dreams, and nothing seems to reach you in your path to freedom.Surf

this is not a boulevard .. this mind peace, this calm of the body, the neutrality and the lightness of the situation, so simple things eventually become similar steep cliffs, to slippery and impassable walls. Every day, I hope to move a step towards liberation and detachment from my own chains, but how intense struggle, what force opposes me these vivid sensations, sometimes unbearable to the point that tears seem to flow in my veins, as thousand miles needles are conveyed. I do not want anyone to cross this path if he had the option and alternative to achieve knowledge, this knowledge of himself, that he do otherwise than through it.I often wonder why I agree as well, which and who  requires me to continue that, what is currently the benefit?  why should i take care of this battle that life oppose to me? Are there any end to this? When I spoke of the destruction of the ego, yes, it s good about this because we are face to face with himself, his helplessness in the face of fate, it needs you to bring back your vital energies.There are currently no lie it has to do, and no shame to look or any possible arrangements with its reality, that which you tend to stretch the body, muscles and discernment.

 " rヴァネッサ·メルシー月クールを注ぐ je veux rester inchangé à tes yeux" pardonnes moi..

this reminds me someone who said that the light at the end of the tunnel is not the illusion of output, but the tunnel itself is the illusion that generates darkness in us. I would like to shortenit , simplify, beautify and lighten, but what possible outcomes that the only way of clarity, the honesty with oneself, what other great way to grow than to accept the fight and overcome his own pain, to find the causes of his own errors of judgment, his own errors of judgment. How to find the center, as this return to the depths of his inner life, to re-capture and consolidate its values, such as love, beauty and just to mention only the essential. It gets rid of surface ..

When suffering rampant, to the point that nothing soothes you, so that everything seems against you, there is a breaking point, at this stage, you are on your knees, and when that finally you exhaust your strength when hen you are suspended in a void of despair, you call god to rescue you, you ask for mercy. He does not answer you of course, but you cry its presence as a care and urgency be appeased.And a glimmer of hope down your eyelids, runs down the face and lightened your heart, your mind relaxes. When finally you feel this lull thank you life, to resume his duties in your inner being, as if water is flowing again, so you enjoy the simple breathing softly, and the lightness of the moment! this is a small step towards self, towards peace and towards balance as search ... To you, thing, entity, or person or living being that crosses my path, thank you

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John Lax

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