Reminiscence in silence

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  • Le 27/01/2016
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I slip into the bus as a thief fleeing the sound of his footsteps, I avoid causing attractiveness looks, my actions are calculated to the millimeter, they skillfully evade the trajectories of my opposite, then I ask myself on my seat like a cat on a sofa, I have my headphones in place, ton music casually in my ears, outside noise does not reach me, I'm camouflaged, sealed to the chair I cramped I hugged my projection, out of reality, I accommodate me with the intense pressure and harmonics I inflict my eardrum is how I isolate myself, that's what I saw my journey alone, in my bubble amid other bubbles, nothing disturbs me, I do not disturb anyone or anything, there is only the void of interactions, ca suits me, I make anonymous I mean no, I am satisfied with this state, and of apparent I take for granted. I'd like to open the door, I would like not to be myself the illusion, I'd make myself free of this pressure isolation I impose myself, really nothing obliges me to stay, but I like it while

Ipursue my way, I end my journey .. I turn around ..I like to think I'm neutral, I do not bother anyone, I confirm my impression, I give it because I rejoice even as this free path seems endless, I am convinced by my own stupidity, because I not cross people I'm in good vacuum, or I'm just in a nothingness of existence, this universe that I want to been extracted from, this world that is foreign to me grabs me, because he is part of me it fully absorbs and adsorbs me without me swallow me, this distance I put myself there is my intention that, passengers of the bus that I avoid are connected to me, sounds that bother me to have their echo deep down, it is a reality that I try to flee, I want to be anonymous by doing everything to be seen, pairing me with the outside allows me that, she dilutes me into his already immense mass of strangers, I am great within my sphere because I feel reduced when I open myself without connect, I am a believer parade exception, or I'm wrong and I know I'm wrong on all counts, I plant in all directions, I can not hide anything from my mistake, because the link which binds me to the outside, that again will make me better..  

John Lax

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