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  • Le 24/09/2015
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That's why I chose this title, it is because my writings are like a bottle thrown into the sea. This bottle has neither harbor nor destination, it floats simply tossed by the wind blows from all-out, pushed by ocean in all directions. His movement dictated by the magnitude and force of the waves, carries a message, as the mood of the ocean as its place in deep waters and disorders ... whoever observes draws content for him, What audacity drives me, what energy and pushes me to put my thoughts on this space? I know anything, however my inspiration insists that the information that forms in my mind, is the most valuable restranscrit with fidelity possible. I want what is posed by these simple words is the accurate record of my reality, I would like you to feel it as a continuation of information that I see, the outcome of the transformation mechanism of my feelings, intuitions, in this projection that is my thought, in its most accessible, the most consistent for any human being.

I continually explores the human fontionnement, through the joy of status, pain, tension. I cross, happy people, love, overwhelmed, distressed, they teach me so much about me than about them through their experiences and moments we share. It is difficult to conclude whether with the whole world will, we can be a religious observer to reflect reality without influence. How to be completely neutral, while precisely we are a human witness, we must as such empathize with our peers, remain sensitive to the demands of each others with whom we live. Neutrality is a relative concept, as we observe light years away from the object, the changes will be very slow appearance, draw what information otherwise than simple movements slowed by the fact of remoteness. At this distance we are subject only to our own vibration, or disturbance, we can say that so far, we are neutral in relation to the event and therefore no impact on the mileu we observe. However it is our own operation in question, which narrowly give us our moods? It is from ourselves that it will be the own judge before reporting what we see so far, it is our influence on our projection of reality that will need to evade rightly to restore existent reality. But this reality there is really just opposite of the truth about life, to subtract as if we were independent of the universe? How to respond ..

When we approach the object that we want to extract information on the reality, with the infinitesimal scale of observation, we take the brunt of the energy of the action, the same unit of time seems to increasingly narrowed, therefore our mind is subjected to an acceleration increasingly strong, we conscientions the "gravity" of the fact, and she feels more and more intense as we approach the core of events .. This research depth and accuracy of the reality we must plunge the borders of the conscious rational, sensible, the mind is overwhelmed, disturbed, is there a limit to that? I know, but we can not allow ourselves the assumption that we are approaching the limits of the imperceptible uncontrollable subconscious, where we would be confused with the reality that we are trying to break our understanding. The moment that anyone reached is where we say "I do not understand," that moment when nours realize that any known logic seems to be sufficiently relevant to our mind valid consistency in which we interpret the reality . But we are forced to raise awareness ALL the material universe to find a meaning to our existence? Is this not a purely human will flee insecurity proposed ignorance, is not it in its crudest form the fear aroused by the darkness as sunlight is simply hidden by the rotation of the globe? Are there not another option that you inflict this posture observer / actor sometimes far from the reality sometimes confused with it, are we just come into the world to seek a sense of reality that we are apparently imposed by mother nature? Are not we the creators of our own reality?h The world around us that seems so "outside" according to what has been defined as our personal universe, is not it more than the result of the construction of our mind, is it not the materialization of our imagination, see aware of our dreams? This world and its reality seen by the senses and deducted by the logic of the human mind, is it not a representation of what we are inside the soul and spirit that we are continually revealing our own conscience. I wonder ... and I stop there! I want to say that some men of past, present and future agree less: 'We are bound to our world, and we are responsible for our reality, we can get away for a better look, but to transform it we will do that in the greatest intimacy of our soul ..! Someone was talking of moving mountains ..?



John Lax

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