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  • Le 28/06/2015
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Please , for give me m'y lord, keep me far from retaliation, keep me far for anger. I should not pull out m'y sword, be cause if i let m'y ego with it mindless,

this would destroy my inner shell, cause i hâve already experienced this violence, and i recognised how strong and how bad, it is for this world, to put reasons on revenge, to justify a balance by brutality.i pray you m'y lord, to drive m'y heart every seconds, every breath i take, make it clear, make it good for me and for the ôthers. I don't want hurt anymore, i want meet my innocence, at this place where i let it, at this moment when i felt this betrayal that bring me to this dark side.

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I want ask to anyone that read this pray, to feel this pain, and i thank you for sharing it with your sincère compassion, and to share this moment, this small amount of peace that conquer your heart and mine, thank you to see me with a deep glance, thank you to  walk with me to this Way of m'y entire recovering. my lord fill m'y heart with love, fill m'y soûl with light, so i CAN walk, rightous and proud, i just want to remain the man i was before, brave and good to the people, and nature. for all of those i met in this LifeTime, i pray for you, i ask you to forgive me, m'y lies, m'y intentions, m'y actions, and many thoughs that may have hurt you.

i pray the lord to heal this heart and to recover ours common past, our common present, and our future. I ask him for his permanent heat, each time things drive me to the cold failure, to the risk of damages, i pray it Spirit to remind me to lean on his power, to remind me to believe on his love and light. Please lord, this is my pray,mâke it real, to whom it may be sensitive by this words,  i hope you would may be healed by it, and then you meet peace, love and safe space for your soûl. Thank you very much.



John Lax

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