Lost but won खो दिया है लेकिन जीता

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  • Le 28/06/2015
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i am probably helped by god, as long as i am rightous, life still help me to ride with the true. Even though i am not seeking, answers come like Water falls. Tonight i was walking on my way when suddenly, the face of betrayal appears to me, in front of me. It doesn't hit m'y heart, cause it was too far from it, only my eyes distinguish it's shame, only m'y nose smell it's, it was an ugly thing, look likes the evil mask. i wanted to see it's face closer, to free m'y conscience from guilty, to understand my mistakes when i put my trust on it's words, false feelings and tears. I am trying hard to keep the faith on it's rédemption, on m'y forgiveness, because my ego ask me for more, anger and negativity compet, teasing me to compensate.life is a gift i would like to say, this situation is a gift, i did not ask for it so soon, but things happen to free my days from thé charges, for some weighty secrets i am not the keeper, because each man has to holding it's own body, included the things that are part of it's Life.



"I am gone show this people what you do not want them to see"

I ask forgiveness for myself, because i was easily pût to thé wrong side of judgement, but light was coming to illuminate my mind, to open my eyes and to cut the links of false faith.  new days has come, i would say, betrayal would leave my soûl, i let it to the public, i throw it to thé entire worldwide network, so it can't hurt no one else in this world. You, who are reading, who hâve understood the meaning of it s words, who hâve expérience of it's, you know how strong it is, how harmful it is. when you pût trust in something or in someone, it is not as game, it is a commitment, that is why betrayal hurt so deep, because the engagment of thé words come for thé deepest side of yourself. god bless me, please protect my actions, allow me to stand rightous, allow me to act as soft as possible, allow to reach thé target i pursuit. at least i see you face to face, at least the game come to it's final, at least i know the meaning of reliability, it's limiits, and why i should free myself from non deserved loyalty, and why i should free myself From heavy engagments and illusions. I would say, Go to hell, and keep me far from your ugly face, keep me far from your lies, keep me far from your emptyness! The world Will see you then, and i am no longer closer..i was lost by your betrayal, but i win by this lightening true that Will bright and shine worldwide. 


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