From the ocean..od oceánu ..running to love

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  • Le 28/06/2015
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i feel her breathe coming up slightly, softly from its very deep exhales, my soul was near her sensations,there is no words to describe, because the things happened were there for once as a glance of life, to reward your way of living, . this moment is yours, and you have to capture it freeze it, and then put it your warming heart ..

there are emerging impulses like waves on the shore, sometimes deep sometimes light, but never it let you without sensitive radius..while i was listening to the meaning of things comint out from her lips, my body was trying hard to be at the distance, trying to remains at this point where the return is still possible..

nothing was urging to be reality, however everything asking us to act, when our bodies were layed on this land of sand, in this darkness, only attraction would rules our fears.. things that have to be realities become trues when it comes to sensations, when your body is the only witness, sometimes you are waiting for it as a quest, some times you are not supposed to live it, sometimes you deserve is so amazing, when you are preparing to go for a long time, something that you never expect, drive you to another reason to stay..

because you feel this moment, your soul is fulfilled by love, hit by this energy that heal your spirit and heat your body ..this feeling that light your shell like a candle in the windy dark, for a second or for a while, this hope that never let you out of real..get ready to catch the way this event make the word "happiness" as real as never..i would like to thank you, you the women that have brought me to this space of peace, as a wind for my boat, for my cruise to love and happiness in it's very deep meaning.

thank you

John Lax

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