Free me ..líbrame de la fragancia de las ilusiones

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  • Le 28/06/2015
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I had to wait 43 years to achieve and overcome what is poisoning my life forever, I take this severe lesson as a liberation of my mind, once deceived by the smell of drunkenness, his intoxicating scent, seduced by illusions power and pain control, I betrayal myself, thus maintaining my weaknesses, gradually digging a vanities abyss, those very people I took as ethical choices perfectly aligned with the order of things. Thus instead of using the objective discernment conducive to the reason I preferred to him by default honesty rather than by mental laziness, the wandering state, this type of guidance that lives without restoration efforts because in reality, the same status who flirts with dangerous and simplistic determinism, the one that recognizes the most absurd vices, the most erroneous with respect to morality, as being justified by the need to survive, to exist or to resist. My soul was conquered by this 'illusion and false esteem of myself, she was filling me in the sufficiency of this condition, satisfying by the way, my ego that asked only to feed the feeling of being the Ideally pageantry. ;

My insanity was amplified by the biochemical action on the cells of this status, either the other irrational variables wich drive my reason. My mood, my reactions were thus largely overwhelmed by negativity, resulting of my most treacherous impulses.

But anyone looking his way, found by the effects of his actions, even the most insignificant cause which prevents it from being in the fair realization.  when finally, you watch the progress of your thoughts accurately and honestly about your limits, without nuances, without turbid lies, you know nothing, nothing will ever disturb your ascension to the light you receive it in the world, that you project on him to draw his substance.Acquise in suffering, denial gives way to acceptance of the truth about your own betrayals, it is a victory over the self-ignorance, on his bewilderment be by refusing to support the unpleasant living emotion to filter only one that is nice.

But what comes with every breath, every hour, every event happy or sad, it's like a step closer to your knowledge of aspects of yourself that you have remained strangers until life decides to lift the veil ..a saying said that whenever we wanted to force to rise, we fall]], certainly, but how well it will take you climb several steps that built this path towards clarity ..  

I speak to you and you who read me walk on my feet. for you and will let the field open to other possible in your options, those that will line your happiness]] works the way that you really are, not mislead you finally forgive you of being guilty of your own conscious or unconscious choices. convalescent, but certainly free to your pride, detached from addiction lying potion that offers you the tricks and drunkenness, you take the suffering face, that you do not wish anyone to go through because its violence is unparalleled, but you will seek to strike his cause in the head, what will happen to the price of your effort to take every second like a candle to illuminate more of your soul. This cause you have acknowledged, you have bled with the edge of your will t "rise above misfortune, she died with a part of you that you loose taken as a rotten member, you will cut your well souls of your dishonest arrangements with the physical reality, you will be defeated by the same you of your arrogance of the powerless. you have lived with this pain, so you can finally find a just appraisal of your image, that of the one you have to accept as the true representation of your sacred and pure soul, it comes to you in the singular, the maybe you have to love and propose to those you love, give it to her and to them as a gift of life, both for those to whom you make the unconditional loyalty sermon either  for those of you who only scratch your existence. To you who was at the gates of My humanity..Thank you so much to have defeated me with your weakness]]


John Lax

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