Far from hell

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  • Le 19/02/2016
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I do not suffer from anything, but you buggers race I ask you not to blow my balls or unmounting your ass before cutting you to pieces, "he said, because I'm sensitive and fragile, I will request to keep the distance, the one that keeps you in silence, because every word has its weight, and it weighs a law, it may be unfair to me and my tolerance has its limits, I am a prisoner and very cramped, not enough to be courteous, it is as wide as a way of the cross, my brain is slave, because I do not imitate the saints of God, like ten miles away you places, the where you are safe from me, distant from my lava and the fire, it is because I will save you from me, I will save you from my anger my brother, my friend, my love, do not blow the embers when it displeases me, you could leave it there wound, get out out of my field, deprives you of the moment, do not come back too fast, do not join me in belzebuth, it is he who tells me is that he must you avoid, it is bad for your soul, his only wish was contempt, his only weapon is his mind is one who seeks your patience, drag you in my unconsciousness, the one that feeds the conflict, you refuse my presence, clears you like incense, you fly to other lands, or you will perish in the blood, and remains and it kills you without thinking, like a little pissed you fire it, leaves him nothing of your space, he is fond of carrion, pulls down quickly from this place,gives you the chance of withdrawal, as leaks are victories, exempts you from my contempt because your death will be no glory, leaves nothing you believe, going towards the light, fled the war and its fire is far from being a game, that god who he is, do you her knight, covered you in virtue, I also hunt you for your salvation , I want you out of the trap that I hold you,


let's go with my reason, it is an illusion that obsesses me and I give him my will, do not be too close when it intoxicates you, in his mad passion you could succumb to it, in the gears of big egos, where the tears will flow afloat, I'm not afraid to die I am a slave, but you avoid to suffer, because I am a devil on legs, my mind also drags down cockroaches, j 'am wounded heart, my soul is ablaze, I am far from being a warrior but my violence is sharp, take thee a shield to judge me because sometimes I scare myself, save thee me my friend, save thou me, O my enemy brother saves from me my love, when you think you're doing because you my problem,

you take the risk of wiping my madness, takes off, is a distant horizon, squares away your compass then set sail towards a healthy world, the current carry you courage, morality will keep you well, love peace will raise you to heights, rest and pride will make you perish ..I will kill you to make it live, I will rejoice in his vanity, then I will try again and again, another war, another land burn, another soul sacrifice, I can not be satisfied Satie ..mon empire is that of the madness, it is limitless, it is out of bounds, away from his law you, get away from me, joined the earth and goes to the other side, you find a safe passage, concedes nothing to the misfortune that I will and lead, down here in my hell there is neither faith in god nor soul, is my friend, my brother enemy, my love, for love of you I remain for you to scare


John Lax

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