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In time..及時 Define LOVE


As long as I live and I breathe this air, I will never forget the power of this meeting, this thing that has penetrated so deeply my soul.

Sometimes I take a deep breath, in a tune, that brings me back to you, to those wonderful moments, through those spaces  between us before our body meet, when our heart beat and spread their tears of love, out from no pain we ran, nothing was needed but our presence, it was just wonderful. We all deserve a life through those feelings, that magic should be lived, inside of our heart, its effects are as energy that flows in our veins, irrigating and strengthing our cells, as our blood for the body. This is something that comes from our soul, soothes us and makes us enjoying life.

Whenever I reminded our tunes by memory, every time I replayed the sound of songs and instruments, I plunged back into the past when I have met you, i put it to present  and then we make love again. I met you in this part the time we have had confiscated history. This space and time were not an illusion, the present and the past merged, you are near me, and I love you. These moments were intense and real, animated by a pure love. But fate fail us. This failure was like a sword, cutting deeply my body. My soul havs been wounded and bruised so hard, I was not sure of my own feelings, i fear to forget my sensations, i thougt unable to feel something bette, further this pain had completely invaded me. About how to relieve it, unless I return to the past for a recovery, to freeze it, to weld the present and the future in our space, and to seal it forever. I feel the bitterness of this illusion of eternity, but I tell myself to survive, to recover my strength and my wounds, to heal the poison we have been given by destiny ..

my love I want to thank you for all the things we shared, how well it was difficult, there is no just and sufficient words to describe this fall, one that stormed our love. I pray the Lord to give us enough time to pause, to retain our bodies still standing, to continue our journey by ourself.

When these things have been erased such words on the shore, I know and I feel well, please god make it happen before i die, please tell me that magic will meet me again. I will wait this moment, it is written somewhere in the great book of love, we have written and locked our part, our page have been written in this book, we put it in a sealed cabinet and sent to far away from us, away from everyone. Now nothing will be destroyed, all this love will still remain as it was, until our souflles go out. I met you in the worst period of my life and I'm sorry, your presence was the ladder that allowed me to reach the surface when I was in the hole, helping me with your shoulder so I ddid not fell, within the first seconds, minutes, and the days following the attacks of my suffering. You were there when  my body and soul was soaked body by the pain, when this death mask flirted my intentions, you brought me back to life with your heat. You took my hand to get me out of hell, thank you wife.

I pray every day to keep my mind away from anger, because I have to live with this love inside of me, I do not want to forget it because he propelled me and toned my mind. The price for this love is dimensionless, the future is wide with options, but if it should happen again, I'll fly with you again, I will be with you in another dimension where I will live with you an endless journey ..

 To thank you "Shibata" ..


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