Diamonds never break ..diamante nooit breek

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  • Le 28/06/2015
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I breathe deeply, the air that penetrates wakeneth anchor the feeling of your life in my body, it extends the animation of what I felt in your arms, it acts like an electric current through me from head to foot, flooding my blood with his strength, as if lightning had taken miles of my whole body assault .dropoff window I submit to this impulse, one that was born of the memory of our actions, printed forever in my heart, mixing pain and pleasure alternately, without respite it grows, it grows, bites me, makes me feel good, sometimes plunges me in the sentence in a stir, but never leaves me in a weariness.

she gently immerse myself in the visit of this, the one who lives occurs when out of nowhere, aroma, image or sound that binds me to you.

When I was driving yesterday, all along the road, a barely stung me, harassing me outrageously, I just watched me taking the free arm, accepting her strength, she drew rooted in the lack of you, your smell the sweetness of your skin and shine of your voice. Then after two hours she fades, giving way to relative calm, like a serene desert ...

Suddenly, I realized that all that animates my heart, unavoidably drove me towards what I found, what I lost and what I missed the hands, the heart insaissable Grail, the substance that intoxicates the soul like a potion, liqueur your reason plunging into confusion, this thing pushes your body to its abandonment. 

Then by coincidence, I meet along the way a soul, and pure fresh who resuscitated by its lightness, a complete break with gravity, she vibrates, exalt me joy. She's beautiful, loving, young at heart undefiled or defects. She inspires me, draws me to her, and drew me towards her feet, I can not resist, I slipped quietly, without asking questions.



Through his eyes, I see the purity of feeling, sensually, she offers me her innocent smile like a diamond then approaches me, hands me his hand freely..I kiss her eyes, then I I finally departs, resuming my way, in a final burst of thrill, I put in my heart, like a flower, and its stealth picture moth. It passes, and nothing erases colonize your space!  The reception of the hotel told me that you came to this same place, the same afternoon that same place where I ask myself to regenerate before I continue my journey .. as if it was just a phase indicator benevolent sign of destiny, which sometimes separates us, sometimes leads us to the inevitable encounter. I do not meet you hoped, I have incarnated you, you can not die because you already animes me, be through the trouble am by joy, between the two status..there is nothing ..!Even in my desert diamonds never break.


John Lax

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