Steps to the freedom path..

Far from hell

I do not suffer from anything, but you buggers race I ask you not to blow my balls or unmounting your ass before cutting you to pieces, "he said, because I'm sensitive and fragile, I will request to keep the distance, the one that keeps you in silence, because every word has its weight, and it weighs a law, it may be unfair to me and my tolerance has its limits, I am a prisoner and very cramped, not enough to be courteous, it is as wide as a way of the cross, my brain is slave, because I do not imitate the saints of God, like ten miles away you places, the where you are safe from me, distant from my lava and the fire, it is because I will save you from me, I will save you from my anger my brother, my friend, my love, do not blow the embers when it displeases me, you could leave it there wound, get out out of my field, deprives you of the moment, do not come back too fast, do not join me in belzebuth, it is he who tells me is that he must you avoid, it is bad for your soul, his only wish was contempt, his only weapon is his mind is one who seeks your patience, drag you in my unconsciousness, the one that feeds the conflict, you refuse my presence, clears you like incense, you fly to other lands, or you will perish in the blood, and remains and it kills you without thinking, like a little pissed you fire it, leaves him nothing of your space, he is fond of carrion, pulls down quickly from this place,gives you the chance of withdrawal, as leaks are victories, exempts you from my contempt because your death will be no glory, leaves nothing you believe, going towards the light, fled the war and its fire is far from being a game, that god who he is, do you her knight, covered you in virtue, I also hunt you for your salvation , I want you out of the trap that I hold you,


let's go with my reason, it is an illusion that obsesses me and I give him my will, do not be too close when it intoxicates you, in his mad passion you could succumb to it, in the gears of big egos, where the tears will flow afloat, I'm not afraid to die I am a slave, but you avoid to suffer, because I am a devil on legs, my mind also drags down cockroaches, j 'am wounded heart, my soul is ablaze, I am far from being a warrior but my violence is sharp, take thee a shield to judge me because sometimes I scare myself, save thee me my friend, save thou me, O my enemy brother saves from me my love, when you think you're doing because you my problem,

you take the risk of wiping my madness, takes off, is a distant horizon, squares away your compass then set sail towards a healthy world, the current carry you courage, morality will keep you well, love peace will raise you to heights, rest and pride will make you perish ..I will kill you to make it live, I will rejoice in his vanity, then I will try again and again, another war, another land burn, another soul sacrifice, I can not be satisfied Satie ..mon empire is that of the madness, it is limitless, it is out of bounds, away from his law you, get away from me, joined the earth and goes to the other side, you find a safe passage, concedes nothing to the misfortune that I will and lead, down here in my hell there is neither faith in god nor soul, is my friend, my brother enemy, my love, for love of you I remain for you to scare

Reminiscence in silence


I slip into the bus as a thief fleeing the sound of his footsteps, I avoid causing attractiveness looks, my actions are calculated to the millimeter, they skillfully evade the trajectories of my opposite, then I ask myself on my seat like a cat on a sofa, I have my headphones in place, ton music casually in my ears, outside noise does not reach me, I'm camouflaged, sealed to the chair I cramped I hugged my projection, out of reality, I accommodate me with the intense pressure and harmonics I inflict my eardrum is how I isolate myself, that's what I saw my journey alone, in my bubble amid other bubbles, nothing disturbs me, I do not disturb anyone or anything, there is only the void of interactions, ca suits me, I make anonymous I mean no, I am satisfied with this state, and of apparent I take for granted. I'd like to open the door, I would like not to be myself the illusion, I'd make myself free of this pressure isolation I impose myself, really nothing obliges me to stay, but I like it while

Ipursue my way, I end my journey .. I turn around ..I like to think I'm neutral, I do not bother anyone, I confirm my impression, I give it because I rejoice even as this free path seems endless, I am convinced by my own stupidity, because I not cross people I'm in good vacuum, or I'm just in a nothingness of existence, this universe that I want to been extracted from, this world that is foreign to me grabs me, because he is part of me it fully absorbs and adsorbs me without me swallow me, this distance I put myself there is my intention that, passengers of the bus that I avoid are connected to me, sounds that bother me to have their echo deep down, it is a reality that I try to flee, I want to be anonymous by doing everything to be seen, pairing me with the outside allows me that, she dilutes me into his already immense mass of strangers, I am great within my sphere because I feel reduced when I open myself without connect, I am a believer parade exception, or I'm wrong and I know I'm wrong on all counts, I plant in all directions, I can not hide anything from my mistake, because the link which binds me to the outside, that again will make me better..  

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Reality is inside you

That's why I chose this title, it is because my writings are like a bottle thrown into the sea. This bottle has neither harbor nor destination, it floats simply tossed by the wind blows from all-out, pushed by ocean in all directions. His movement dictated by the magnitude and force of the waves, carries a message, as the mood of the ocean as its place in deep waters and disorders ... whoever observes draws content for him, What audacity drives me, what energy and pushes me to put my thoughts on this space? I know anything, however my inspiration insists that the information that forms in my mind, is the most valuable restranscrit with fidelity possible. I want what is posed by these simple words is the accurate record of my reality, I would like you to feel it as a continuation of information that I see, the outcome of the transformation mechanism of my feelings, intuitions, in this projection that is my thought, in its most accessible, the most consistent for any human being.

I continually explores the human fontionnement, through the joy of status, pain, tension. I cross, happy people, love, overwhelmed, distressed, they teach me so much about me than about them through their experiences and moments we share. It is difficult to conclude whether with the whole world will, we can be a religious observer to reflect reality without influence. How to be completely neutral, while precisely we are a human witness, we must as such empathize with our peers, remain sensitive to the demands of each others with whom we live. Neutrality is a relative concept, as we observe light years away from the object, the changes will be very slow appearance, draw what information otherwise than simple movements slowed by the fact of remoteness. At this distance we are subject only to our own vibration, or disturbance, we can say that so far, we are neutral in relation to the event and therefore no impact on the mileu we observe. However it is our own operation in question, which narrowly give us our moods? It is from ourselves that it will be the own judge before reporting what we see so far, it is our influence on our projection of reality that will need to evade rightly to restore existent reality. But this reality there is really just opposite of the truth about life, to subtract as if we were independent of the universe? How to respond ..

When we approach the object that we want to extract information on the reality, with the infinitesimal scale of observation, we take the brunt of the energy of the action, the same unit of time seems to increasingly narrowed, therefore our mind is subjected to an acceleration increasingly strong, we conscientions the "gravity" of the fact, and she feels more and more intense as we approach the core of events .. This research depth and accuracy of the reality we must plunge the borders of the conscious rational, sensible, the mind is overwhelmed, disturbed, is there a limit to that? I know, but we can not allow ourselves the assumption that we are approaching the limits of the imperceptible uncontrollable subconscious, where we would be confused with the reality that we are trying to break our understanding. The moment that anyone reached is where we say "I do not understand," that moment when nours realize that any known logic seems to be sufficiently relevant to our mind valid consistency in which we interpret the reality . But we are forced to raise awareness ALL the material universe to find a meaning to our existence? Is this not a purely human will flee insecurity proposed ignorance, is not it in its crudest form the fear aroused by the darkness as sunlight is simply hidden by the rotation of the globe? Are there not another option that you inflict this posture observer / actor sometimes far from the reality sometimes confused with it, are we just come into the world to seek a sense of reality that we are apparently imposed by mother nature? Are not we the creators of our own reality?h The world around us that seems so "outside" according to what has been defined as our personal universe, is not it more than the result of the construction of our mind, is it not the materialization of our imagination, see aware of our dreams? This world and its reality seen by the senses and deducted by the logic of the human mind, is it not a representation of what we are inside the soul and spirit that we are continually revealing our own conscience. I wonder ... and I stop there! I want to say that some men of past, present and future agree less: 'We are bound to our world, and we are responsible for our reality, we can get away for a better look, but to transform it we will do that in the greatest intimacy of our soul ..! Someone was talking of moving mountains ..?



Kiss me from Hell ..Поцелуи из ада

Hans Zimmer is my favorite composer of film music, I often remember the original Oblivion band, but it is especially a passage of the last Samurai with Tom Cruise that comes to mind, I spent hundreds of time, like I was transported into the character itself, a wounded war, care of the wife of his fallen enemy under his sword, which after several months of convalescence, will eventually marry the enemy cause. I can not help but compare myself to this situation, probably to give a more poetic sense in my vagabond, wandering I live since the tragedy, justifying me a reason to live what I live, eking out a living and dodging reality of this bitter failure I had to undergo. They assaults arrogance got the better of me, of my weaknesses that I now denies making them more acceptable and enjoyable dishonestly? I assume, I assume not, I take half or full, that's all the time the same question. To achieve success, it takes several failures we said, what brutality that simplify the evils these simple words ..! It's absurd

In my moments of solitude, when all is quiet in my mind, I can not help from coming back to that night when the pain was at the peak, their kisses were bleeding heal my soul bruised by the tragic event of this moment, their arms were holding my body sank, their love asking me to move forward, to move away from the precipice, to yield nothing and especially not to abandon my existence. How can I forget? No this is not possible, I have tried in vain to erase those beings from my memory, never to suffer the void they have left, to the hair for their absence. But I realize my mistake, they are embedded in me, and me they live forever embody the privacy of my suffering, for me worn during this voyage; they are part of me, my history, and what until my last breath. They took me out of the emergency bandaging my deepest wounds with their feelings, materializing this with what they had best to offer me, their arms, their bodies and their beauties. How could I deny this, how could I keep quiet what springs from the past as a reminder to itself, as a chapter of my unfinished book, how can deny these beings who witness the profound sense of unconditional love and timeless. My determination will not help because I do not have the strength to pull it out of my mind, they have supported me at the same time, thanks to them I was coming from the bottom of the valley of death, like Lazarus. Shibata in the privacy of the body gave me strength, Aima with compassion, clarity, and Carla in thought from the other side of the world supporting me with love and kindness.

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Probably one day, when my boat will be docked, my feet on the floor of the living, I still walk toward them with no other purpose than the one essential recontre, the one we tabled on the edge of this painful past certainly, but bordered by feelings without any confusion, desire and mutual affection. Life does not totally abandoned me on that day, on my way to recovery, it still presents me other tracts and other beings just as full of love, beauty and empathy, I can only think of my fragile little butterfly Morocco, the one that still put me one last time to fireproof what my anger and violence, but nevertheless will not go out of my heart for all that, because you cured me of drunkenness and its deception, the very expensive price as were our tears and our regrets I am grateful to you, you're part of my life, my family, you always will be one, your place is, you are in thee forever. When my inscouiante nymph of the Drome, the one that reminded me of the spontaneous tenderness when I no longer believed, that which I revived my love of death, I love you all. Finally, all these people by the dozen, by the hundreds with whom I built my new life by sharing the values ​​of the human being, even those who put me stretched the traps of ego,i thank them.

What about my heart, that great wanderer, where is it? he wanders here and there like people say tribes Xârâcùù, between the mounting (bwakweè) and "mereko" (end of the cloud), he has neither map nor compass, it is well, even without homeport , floating above life, free and light as air, riding such a course without boat, rudderless whose sails flutter in the wind, crossing the raging seas as inevitable, even pushing the waves on a calm sea, in his journey, he has no future, no past, he lives only for what is happening, he no longer struggles, he lives, he is waiting, he takes what comes. I can say that he no longer suffers from empty, it vibrates fully and intensely, he freezes time to this, it molds space footprint. He dreams only match the real, he does not invent what he saw, he created his time and dimensions, he is in this space organized by my physical sensations, the ones I see on my skin touched by a blade fresh air, those I measure the intense vitality as they pass through like fine needles of the flesh to the bone, they are sometimes pleasant, subtle or intense, sometimes unpleasant, they are never neutral, they do me Never lie on my existence is through this that I know that I exist too. I can say that my heart is vulnerable because I made the choice to open him consistently at what attracts him so much to what he repulses, however, he remains intact as a strong castle, like a fortress guarded by love, the love I have for each other and without distinction, as well as the one I have for me.

What about my mind ? He is a boat for my soul, he  is a vehicle without precise dimensions, he is housed in the center of my unconsciousness, he now plays without fear, it is in the thick fog of its contradictions, he sails in the dark non-conscious meanings, he tries to reverse the cold current anxieties, he vibrates with its world submerged or surface currents of thought, sometimes lulled by the rhythm of the opposing waves are illusions and negativity,he plays aggressiveness tempts and he sometimes imitates the risk of identify with it,  he brings the courage be by breathing my body with the air I observe each time i inhale, he is not worn or shoved the amplitudes of negative emotions, even if he is pushed forward by an unrealistic intention,or he is set back from a souvenir censer, or attempted to be prisoner  of a control obsession on time, he wants to exist by himself, it is not arbitrary direction, he wants to remain free without being insensitive to these movements, without being swallowed up, he saw in the inspiration of what surrounds without getting lost, he wants to blend in but with a return to self path, I can say that not pitching, he plays on the swell, he forged his refuge he can find, this one is inviolable, no aggression there penetrates, no distress not stress him, he is out of reach, he is in the heart of my soul, in an intimate space that can not be seen by the physical sensations of my own,, where nobody not even God has the power to see without the approval of my heart, my soul, where only the people who live in love will find an echo. 

Iles des pins

Cliffhanger تسلق القمم

I hear your call, I feel your presence asking me to fulfill your insecurity, because you allow your illusions to enter your mind, like water disturbed by dust. But please, there is no truth in what you are doing for you, even if you try to appear what you are not, you are visible to the eyes of those who experienced the lie.

This is not a court, this is not a judgment, it's just the words you need to remember, for the moment, something happens one day, some events will be so heavy that you "will be under the control the disorder and denial, frozen by your fear of you feel free. when you time comes, your choice should be as clean as gold, opening you in "narrow space, like an island refuge.

The truth is not without conscience, even if it hit, it kills no, it heals your life. When the weight of lies, those that conceal reality, it undoubtedly will lead you to the illness of the soul, it will eat you like a cancer for your body, it works well. Maybe, You who read me, maybe you're not ready now, maybe it will make its way into your mind, one that will allow the light burst forth, the day will come, life will put you in that light, you will be taken by her.

In a life of a man in his pursuit of happiness, most of the commitments that jeopardize this pathway are contradictions between belief and action, among the feelings and thoughts. Every day, every move you make, the goal is to find your unit in a continuum, to fill the space that separates you from your center. Try to keep your north, that of your spiritual compass, the one who guides you through your pain, that which guides you through the troubled times of the disease. Freedom is a difficult cliff to reach but when the lies are many, as she is imprisoned by locks. However I hope that one day a voice hiss you with a whisper, asking loudly, pacing the cliff to take the risk of falling back again to win the ransom and the clarity of your soul, embody the truth in each of your intentions. get ready my friend!


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Free me ..líbrame de la fragancia de las ilusiones


I had to wait 43 years to achieve and overcome what is poisoning my life forever, I take this severe lesson as a liberation of my mind, once deceived by the smell of drunkenness, his intoxicating scent, seduced by illusions power and pain control, I betrayal myself, thus maintaining my weaknesses, gradually digging a vanities abyss, those very people I took as ethical choices perfectly aligned with the order of things. Thus instead of using the objective discernment conducive to the reason I preferred to him by default honesty rather than by mental laziness, the wandering state, this type of guidance that lives without restoration efforts because in reality, the same status who flirts with dangerous and simplistic determinism, the one that recognizes the most absurd vices, the most erroneous with respect to morality, as being justified by the need to survive, to exist or to resist. My soul was conquered by this 'illusion and false esteem of myself, she was filling me in the sufficiency of this condition, satisfying by the way, my ego that asked only to feed the feeling of being the Ideally pageantry. ;

My insanity was amplified by the biochemical action on the cells of this status, either the other irrational variables wich drive my reason. My mood, my reactions were thus largely overwhelmed by negativity, resulting of my most treacherous impulses.

But anyone looking his way, found by the effects of his actions, even the most insignificant cause which prevents it from being in the fair realization.  when finally, you watch the progress of your thoughts accurately and honestly about your limits, without nuances, without turbid lies, you know nothing, nothing will ever disturb your ascension to the light you receive it in the world, that you project on him to draw his substance.Acquise in suffering, denial gives way to acceptance of the truth about your own betrayals, it is a victory over the self-ignorance, on his bewilderment be by refusing to support the unpleasant living emotion to filter only one that is nice.

But what comes with every breath, every hour, every event happy or sad, it's like a step closer to your knowledge of aspects of yourself that you have remained strangers until life decides to lift the veil ..a saying said that whenever we wanted to force to rise, we fall]], certainly, but how well it will take you climb several steps that built this path towards clarity ..  

I speak to you and you who read me walk on my feet. for you and will let the field open to other possible in your options, those that will line your happiness]] works the way that you really are, not mislead you finally forgive you of being guilty of your own conscious or unconscious choices. convalescent, but certainly free to your pride, detached from addiction lying potion that offers you the tricks and drunkenness, you take the suffering face, that you do not wish anyone to go through because its violence is unparalleled, but you will seek to strike his cause in the head, what will happen to the price of your effort to take every second like a candle to illuminate more of your soul. This cause you have acknowledged, you have bled with the edge of your will t "rise above misfortune, she died with a part of you that you loose taken as a rotten member, you will cut your well souls of your dishonest arrangements with the physical reality, you will be defeated by the same you of your arrogance of the powerless. you have lived with this pain, so you can finally find a just appraisal of your image, that of the one you have to accept as the true representation of your sacred and pure soul, it comes to you in the singular, the maybe you have to love and propose to those you love, give it to her and to them as a gift of life, both for those to whom you make the unconditional loyalty sermon either  for those of you who only scratch your existence. To you who was at the gates of My humanity..Thank you so much to have defeated me with your weakness]]


From the ocean..od oceánu ..running to love

i feel her breathe coming up slightly, softly from its very deep exhales, my soul was near her sensations,there is no words to describe, because the things happened were there for once as a glance of life, to reward your way of living, . this moment is yours, and you have to capture it freeze it, and then put it your warming heart ..

there are emerging impulses like waves on the shore, sometimes deep sometimes light, but never it let you without sensitive radius..while i was listening to the meaning of things comint out from her lips, my body was trying hard to be at the distance, trying to remains at this point where the return is still possible..

nothing was urging to be reality, however everything asking us to act, when our bodies were layed on this land of sand, in this darkness, only attraction would rules our fears.. things that have to be realities become trues when it comes to sensations, when your body is the only witness, sometimes you are waiting for it as a quest, some times you are not supposed to live it, sometimes you deserve is so amazing, when you are preparing to go for a long time, something that you never expect, drive you to another reason to stay..

because you feel this moment, your soul is fulfilled by love, hit by this energy that heal your spirit and heat your body ..this feeling that light your shell like a candle in the windy dark, for a second or for a while, this hope that never let you out of real..get ready to catch the way this event make the word "happiness" as real as never..i would like to thank you, you the women that have brought me to this space of peace, as a wind for my boat, for my cruise to love and happiness in it's very deep meaning.

thank you

Diamonds never break ..diamante nooit breek

I breathe deeply, the air that penetrates wakeneth anchor the feeling of your life in my body, it extends the animation of what I felt in your arms, it acts like an electric current through me from head to foot, flooding my blood with his strength, as if lightning had taken miles of my whole body assault .dropoff window I submit to this impulse, one that was born of the memory of our actions, printed forever in my heart, mixing pain and pleasure alternately, without respite it grows, it grows, bites me, makes me feel good, sometimes plunges me in the sentence in a stir, but never leaves me in a weariness.

she gently immerse myself in the visit of this, the one who lives occurs when out of nowhere, aroma, image or sound that binds me to you.

When I was driving yesterday, all along the road, a barely stung me, harassing me outrageously, I just watched me taking the free arm, accepting her strength, she drew rooted in the lack of you, your smell the sweetness of your skin and shine of your voice. Then after two hours she fades, giving way to relative calm, like a serene desert ...

Suddenly, I realized that all that animates my heart, unavoidably drove me towards what I found, what I lost and what I missed the hands, the heart insaissable Grail, the substance that intoxicates the soul like a potion, liqueur your reason plunging into confusion, this thing pushes your body to its abandonment. 

Then by coincidence, I meet along the way a soul, and pure fresh who resuscitated by its lightness, a complete break with gravity, she vibrates, exalt me joy. She's beautiful, loving, young at heart undefiled or defects. She inspires me, draws me to her, and drew me towards her feet, I can not resist, I slipped quietly, without asking questions.



Through his eyes, I see the purity of feeling, sensually, she offers me her innocent smile like a diamond then approaches me, hands me his hand freely..I kiss her eyes, then I I finally departs, resuming my way, in a final burst of thrill, I put in my heart, like a flower, and its stealth picture moth. It passes, and nothing erases colonize your space!  The reception of the hotel told me that you came to this same place, the same afternoon that same place where I ask myself to regenerate before I continue my journey .. as if it was just a phase indicator benevolent sign of destiny, which sometimes separates us, sometimes leads us to the inevitable encounter. I do not meet you hoped, I have incarnated you, you can not die because you already animes me, be through the trouble am by joy, between the two status..there is nothing ..!Even in my desert diamonds never break.


Nô longer sword rules 결코 폭력

Please , for give me m'y lord, keep me far from retaliation, keep me far for anger. I should not pull out m'y sword, be cause if i let m'y ego with it mindless,

this would destroy my inner shell, cause i hâve already experienced this violence, and i recognised how strong and how bad, it is for this world, to put reasons on revenge, to justify a balance by brutality.i pray you m'y lord, to drive m'y heart every seconds, every breath i take, make it clear, make it good for me and for the ôthers. I don't want hurt anymore, i want meet my innocence, at this place where i let it, at this moment when i felt this betrayal that bring me to this dark side.

Image 9

I want ask to anyone that read this pray, to feel this pain, and i thank you for sharing it with your sincère compassion, and to share this moment, this small amount of peace that conquer your heart and mine, thank you to see me with a deep glance, thank you to  walk with me to this Way of m'y entire recovering. my lord fill m'y heart with love, fill m'y soûl with light, so i CAN walk, rightous and proud, i just want to remain the man i was before, brave and good to the people, and nature. for all of those i met in this LifeTime, i pray for you, i ask you to forgive me, m'y lies, m'y intentions, m'y actions, and many thoughs that may have hurt you.

i pray the lord to heal this heart and to recover ours common past, our common present, and our future. I ask him for his permanent heat, each time things drive me to the cold failure, to the risk of damages, i pray it Spirit to remind me to lean on his power, to remind me to believe on his love and light. Please lord, this is my pray,mâke it real, to whom it may be sensitive by this words,  i hope you would may be healed by it, and then you meet peace, love and safe space for your soûl. Thank you very much.



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Chaos is a ladder..?Хаос лестница

life sometimes seems so cruel, unjust, oppressive .. and  when some events destroy the ego, they put you face yourself, requiring you to test your own foundations. These events prompt you to review your beliefs on the man that you represent, that  man you thought you 've been, that man you thought you ruled, this happens,only remains your own resources, there is no longer anything which may come to distract you in this storm that life had put you through, it's walking on your mind, streching him under constant tension, while it's asking you to free yourself from your suffering causes..the experience of pain, it is physical, it reaches the body through this unpleasant sensation that gives you the images and illusions of a hypothetical and uncertain future, or flash back to a heavy past and weighing disturbing circumstances. When your own mind finds a bit of respite and comfort in a quiet peace, time lengthens, the quietude is a victory, and you fly to your dreams, and nothing seems to reach you in your path to freedom.Surf

this is not a boulevard .. this mind peace, this calm of the body, the neutrality and the lightness of the situation, so simple things eventually become similar steep cliffs, to slippery and impassable walls. Every day, I hope to move a step towards liberation and detachment from my own chains, but how intense struggle, what force opposes me these vivid sensations, sometimes unbearable to the point that tears seem to flow in my veins, as thousand miles needles are conveyed. I do not want anyone to cross this path if he had the option and alternative to achieve knowledge, this knowledge of himself, that he do otherwise than through it.I often wonder why I agree as well, which and who  requires me to continue that, what is currently the benefit?  why should i take care of this battle that life oppose to me? Are there any end to this? When I spoke of the destruction of the ego, yes, it s good about this because we are face to face with himself, his helplessness in the face of fate, it needs you to bring back your vital energies.There are currently no lie it has to do, and no shame to look or any possible arrangements with its reality, that which you tend to stretch the body, muscles and discernment.

 " rヴァネッサ·メルシー月クールを注ぐ je veux rester inchangé à tes yeux" pardonnes moi..

this reminds me someone who said that the light at the end of the tunnel is not the illusion of output, but the tunnel itself is the illusion that generates darkness in us. I would like to shortenit , simplify, beautify and lighten, but what possible outcomes that the only way of clarity, the honesty with oneself, what other great way to grow than to accept the fight and overcome his own pain, to find the causes of his own errors of judgment, his own errors of judgment. How to find the center, as this return to the depths of his inner life, to re-capture and consolidate its values, such as love, beauty and just to mention only the essential. It gets rid of surface ..

When suffering rampant, to the point that nothing soothes you, so that everything seems against you, there is a breaking point, at this stage, you are on your knees, and when that finally you exhaust your strength when hen you are suspended in a void of despair, you call god to rescue you, you ask for mercy. He does not answer you of course, but you cry its presence as a care and urgency be appeased.And a glimmer of hope down your eyelids, runs down the face and lightened your heart, your mind relaxes. When finally you feel this lull thank you life, to resume his duties in your inner being, as if water is flowing again, so you enjoy the simple breathing softly, and the lightness of the moment! this is a small step towards self, towards peace and towards balance as search ... To you, thing, entity, or person or living being that crosses my path, thank you

.. .


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The golden path - أميرة الصحراء

sometimes, storms seem never last, draining your mind, and priming all the good aspects indistinctly from the bad thing you have stored.but the thing that is sure, within the storms, or a desert trip, your path is cleaned from ugly peoples, liars, and false lovers.i write

give up, give up, let it go, let it go..this weighty mass seems to be cut, i feels it lighter and lighter, i ride over it. someone told, we should be happy to cross this, as long as you accept it, your reality will be more and more in your inner shell, light comes subtily in your soul, heating up your cells, and bring you to a new path, the golden path that would drive you trough your humanity, your total sensitivity to the life being and to the respect of each part of this universe, considering each of them, as a part of yourself, interacting with each part of you in a perfect harmony.. unless, you are wrong with yourself, there is no other path, no return to the darkness from the outer field, or from the back yards. ( to be continued)


Certaines  tempêtes ne semblent jamais se terminer, elles tente de vous vider votre esprit, elles révèlent vos aspects de manière indistincte, depuis le plus petit vice jusqu'à votre plus grande vertue. Une chose qui est sûre, c'est que dans les tempêtes, votre chemin est nettoyé de des âmes laides, menteuses.

Abandonnez, abandonnez, lâchez prise, laissez vous transporter.. cette masse lourde doit être coupée, afin de vous rendre plus léger et encore plus léger, je monte au dessus d'elle.

Quelqu'un disait, nous serions heureux de franchir ce pas de la douleur, aussi longtemps que vous acceptez ce qui vous traverse, votre réalité en sera davantage vraie et profonde, la lumière de la connaissance illuminera dans votre âme dans ses recoins les plus subtils, elle réchauffera vos cellules, elle vous amenera vers un ce chemin, le chemin d'or qui vous conduit vers votre humanité, celle qui vous élevera ver une sensibilité totale.

Vous serez ainsi dans la jouissance de la compassion,  vous profiterez de la contemplation, vous porterez avec vérité et amour une attention envers la vie de chaque être, ainsi qu' à l'égard de chaque partie de cet univers. Ainsi, nous porterons vous et moi, un peu de la souffrance chacun d'entre nous, et autant nous jouirons du bonheur partagé, considérant l'autre comme une partie harmonieuse de nous-même.  .. sauf si, vous tordez votre intention de vous élever, au risque que ce désaccord avec vous-même vous pousse vers votre propre rupture intérieure, faites donc  le choix du chemin d'or, cette voie est là pour vous sortir de cette obscurité qui maintient votre ignorance de vous même en tant qu'humain sensible et aimant... Viens mon ami, je t'attends de l'autre côté de la souffrance (À suivre)

                                                                             أميرة الصحراء



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Lost but won खो दिया है लेकिन जीता

i am probably helped by god, as long as i am rightous, life still help me to ride with the true. Even though i am not seeking, answers come like Water falls. Tonight i was walking on my way when suddenly, the face of betrayal appears to me, in front of me. It doesn't hit m'y heart, cause it was too far from it, only my eyes distinguish it's shame, only m'y nose smell it's, it was an ugly thing, look likes the evil mask. i wanted to see it's face closer, to free m'y conscience from guilty, to understand my mistakes when i put my trust on it's words, false feelings and tears. I am trying hard to keep the faith on it's rédemption, on m'y forgiveness, because my ego ask me for more, anger and negativity compet, teasing me to is a gift i would like to say, this situation is a gift, i did not ask for it so soon, but things happen to free my days from thé charges, for some weighty secrets i am not the keeper, because each man has to holding it's own body, included the things that are part of it's Life.



"I am gone show this people what you do not want them to see"

I ask forgiveness for myself, because i was easily pût to thé wrong side of judgement, but light was coming to illuminate my mind, to open my eyes and to cut the links of false faith.  new days has come, i would say, betrayal would leave my soûl, i let it to the public, i throw it to thé entire worldwide network, so it can't hurt no one else in this world. You, who are reading, who hâve understood the meaning of it s words, who hâve expérience of it's, you know how strong it is, how harmful it is. when you pût trust in something or in someone, it is not as game, it is a commitment, that is why betrayal hurt so deep, because the engagment of thé words come for thé deepest side of yourself. god bless me, please protect my actions, allow me to stand rightous, allow me to act as soft as possible, allow to reach thé target i pursuit. at least i see you face to face, at least the game come to it's final, at least i know the meaning of reliability, it's limiits, and why i should free myself from non deserved loyalty, and why i should free myself From heavy engagments and illusions. I would say, Go to hell, and keep me far from your ugly face, keep me far from your lies, keep me far from your emptyness! The world Will see you then, and i am no longer closer..i was lost by your betrayal, but i win by this lightening true that Will bright and shine worldwide.